Clairaudience quite literally means the gift of “clear hearing”. Have you ever heard your name being called, but not know where it came from? Do you give your friends really fabulous life advice, even while your life seems to be a hot mess? You may have the gift of clairaudience.

When your abilities of clairaudience start to open up, you might notice a ringing in your ears, buzzing or popping, you may even hear voices.

Be aware that there are very clear differences between clairaudience and mental illness. Sometimes your answers are more mundane than you’d hoped for, but still very important.

As a clairaudient medium, you can learn to have control over the voices. Spirit messages tend to be be brief and blunt.

Generally, these spirit voices don’t prevent functionality or push you toward harmful behaviors. If you feel like your life is unmanageable or you’re hearing voices telling you to harm yourself or others, please seek professional help for your mental health.

Along with the gift of clairaudience, you can also develop the gift of clear speaking. With this, you can channel, share, and speak messages from the spirits to others.

Common Signs of Clairaudience

*You Talk To Yourself

    You find yourself often thinking of replies you’d give in certain situations, calming down by talking to yourself after a stressful event, and frequently troubleshooting your words, you may be clairaudient.

*You’re Often Giving Wise Advice

    This is always a fun…sometimes confusing one. As humans, we like to get ourselves into some messy situations. However, with the gift of clairaudience, you will find yourself often giving sage advice TO OTHER PEOPLE! When you speak out loud, you may actually be speaking the words of the spirit, rather than your own. Messages can also be received through writing.

*You Comfort Others

    You find that people are often coming to you for advice and comfort, this is a strong sign you may be clairaudient. This especially applies to those who have CHOSEN to comfort others as their career path (counseling, teacher, coach, nurse etc). If your main role involves calming and providing advice to alleviate stress, it’s a good time to consider developing your clairaudience.

*You’re Suddenly Inspired

You get sudden inspiration and ideas coming to you while doing mundane tasks (showering, driving, etc). These “quiet” times are ideal for you to receive messages from the spirits. Listen carefully for solutions and ideas to improve your life.

*Custom Tailored Messages

    You may hear messages through radio or TV that sound like they are specifically for you. Sometimes we don’t take the time to quiet our minds to receive messages. Spirits will use other means to get the messages to you. It could be something you’re reading or even a “silly” facebook post or meme.